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Image JPG Archeologists unearth ancient Mataram Hindu Temple
Jakarta Post 01-10-2015 hal 1. A National archeology team has been excavating a Hindu temple believed to be from the Ancient Mataram era built during the reign of the Sanjaya -Rakai Pikatan dynasty between the seventh and 10th Centuries (4667 kb)
Image JPG BI hints at rate cut as pressures recede
Jakarta Post 16-10-2015 hal 11. BI has hinted that it would be possible to cut its rate as global and domestic economic challenges have started to recede. the central bank decided at its october meeting to hold the benchmark rate at 7,5 percent as well as deposit facility and lending facility rates at 5,5 percent and 8 percent respectively. (2489 kb)
Image JPG To ratify or not to ratify ? is that the question?
Jakarta Post 16-10-2015 hal 7. Trade facilitation is the only trade agenda that has survived from the WTO Ministerial Conference in Singapore, which was held back in 1996. the trade negotiation agendas, which are well known as "the singapore issues". consist of trade and investment,trade and competition policy, transparency in government procurement and trade facilitation. (3381 kb)
Image JPG Rupiah surges as foreigm funds return to RI market
Jakarta Post 09-10-2015 hal 1. The rupiah jumped nearly 3 percent on Wednesday amid signs of growing confidence in the countrys economy and the inflow of foreign funds into the countrys financial market. Gadjah Mada University economist Tony Prasetiantono saying there was still a possibility of further pressure and it was important to benefit from the momentum and strengthen the countrys fundamentals and competitiveness. (1430 kb)
Image JPG Govt lowers growth target amid bleak outlook
Jakarta Post 28-09-2015 hal 1. the government and House of Representative lawmakers have reached an agreement to revise the country"s 2016 economic growth target to a more realistic level amid gloomy prospects in the global economy. Gadjah Mada University economist A. Tony Prasetiantono believed the new growth outlook was still too high, US and Chinese economies had not yet fully improved and could become stumbling blocks to Indonesia"s recovery (964 kb)
Image JPG President is trying to show he means business
Jakarta Post 07-09-2015 hal 1. Jokowi ordered his ministers to fix rules and spending bottlenecks hampering the economy. he is inaugurated a delayed power plant project and started flooding a dam over the objections of farmers and villagers. he is also revamped his economic team, which promised a "big" stimulus to come. (3025 kb)
Image JPG ACICIS alumni to help ease Indonesia - Aussie Tensions
Jakarta Post 01-09-2015 hal 5. ACICIS has around 2000 alumni, many of them holding key positions in various important Australian institutions, including the embassy in Indonesia. other have become academics in different universities and business institution. with their knowledge about indonesian culture, the alumni individually could offer important input to help improve mutual understanding between Indonesians and Australians (2139 kb)
Image JPG BI runs out of space to lawer rates
Jakarta Post 16-09-2015 hal 13. analysts hailed BI decision not to cut its interest rate as hoped for by the countrys business community because the lower rate could trigger capital outflows following the expected increase in US interest rate. Local analysts and economists Josua Pardede from PermataBank, David Sumual from BCA and Tony Prasetiantono from UGM agreed that the BI rate decision on thursday was the right move as the risk of capital outflows remained high (2798 kb)
Image JPG "Hidden Material" found in ancient temple
Jakarta Post 16-09-2015 hal 5. A Joint team involved in the ongoing restoration of the centuries -old Sukuh temple in Karanganyar regency, Central Java, recently found layers of rocks inside the pyramid shaped temple, suggesting that the original form of the temple could have been different from its current visible structure (623 kb)
Image JPG Foto : New Achievement
Jakarta Post 10-09-2015 hal 12. As many as 40 people (include Gadjah Mada University Rector Dwikorita Karnawati) in the region who are deemed to have largely contributed to sustaining the relationship are gien the award (1713 kb)
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