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Image JPG Government tells campuses to stay on alert for radical student movements
Jakarta Post 24-02-2016 hal 4. Universities have to be more sensitive (to issues) as the government cant always tightly monitor the activities (of radical student organizations). lectures can involve students in discussion, teaching them how to think critically so that they always "ask why" when receiving new information (305 kb)
Image JPG How low can bangking interest rates go?
Jakarta Post 23-02-2016 hal 13. Gadjah Mada University economist Tony Prasetiantono said that last years inflation rate of 3,35 needed furher supervision. Tony expressed optimism that president joko widodo focus on infrastructure development could slowly lower inflation so the interest rate would follow suit (297 kb)
Image JPG A Paradox of multitrack diplomacy
Jakarta Post 17-05-2015 hal 1. In ASEAN, radicalizing multitrack diplomacy means giving a wider place for civil society to express their interests with their leaders. so far civil societys engagement with the state, in several countries was primarily conducted only informally. (874 kb)
Image JPG Local engage in communal efforts to beat back dengue outbreak
Jakarta Post 12-02-2016 hal 1. Residents in dengue fever-prone regions are intensifying their collective efforts to prevent the spread of the mosquito-borne disease, which has killed dozens of people and hospitalized thousands of others since the beginning of the year (723 kb)
Image JPG Islam, Justice and the death penalty
Jakarta Post 08-05-2015 hal 7. NU, the largest mulim organization in indonesia, considered moderete by many, condemned the death penalty for migrant workers in saudi arabia, yet supported the death penalty for drug convicts. but in general, the death penalty is a non-issue for islamic organizations (2364 kb)
Image JPG Bracing for first female sultan
Jakarta Post 08-05-2015 hal 6. Yogyakarta sultan hamengkubuwono X appointed his eldest doughter, GKR Pembayun, crown princess with the new royal title of GKR mangkubumi through a royal proclamation on may 5. thsi long expected decision has stirred up a controversy in the provinces patriarchal javanese society (3200 kb)
Image JPG Authorities slammed for slow response in containing dengue outbreak
Jakarta Post 11-02-2016 hal 5. in yogyakarta, a group of Gadjah Mada University researchers under the Eliminate Dengue Projeck (EDP) is planning to release mosquitoes that carry a bacteria called wolbachia into the region in an effort to prevent dengue fever. the mosquitoes will later spread the bacteria, which can contain the development of the dengue virus, through breeding (591 kb)
Image JPG Experiment with bacteria to tackle zika
Jakarta Post 10-02-2016 hal 1. President Joko Widodo this week urged officials to step up preventive measures like health awareness campaigns and fogging with insecticide. the health ministry issued a travel warning for those planning to visit latin america (235 kb)
Image JPG Tougher rules for "oplosan" sought
Jakarta Post 10-02-2016 hal 1. 26 people, most of them university students, had died since last wednesday after consuming oplosan at separate venues in the province. supraja, a sociologist from UGM, said the government had to provide clear regulations that detailed which kinds of alcoholic beverages were allowed to be produced and distributed (333 kb)
Image JPG Qlue finds it hard to say "its complicated"
Jakarta Post 09-02-2016 hal 3. While public monitoring application Qlue is generally considered an effective medium for handling complaints, the apps ability to resolve complicated issues remains questionable. (288 kb)
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