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Image JPG Civil servants discouraged by Ahok"s iron fist
Jakarta Post 05-10-2015 hal 23. Yogyakarta-based Gadjah Mada University public policy expert Wahyudi Kumorotomo said the Jakarta administrataions current dynamics might cause instability. he said that it was important to maintain stability in order to ensure the sustainability of policies and servises (2677 kb)
Image JPG Yogyakarta law is "lex specialis" : Minister
Jakarta Post 05-10-2015 hal 5. Based on the special status law, Yogyakarta"s provincial administration is currently taking inventory of the lands claimed as SG and PAG. the process is creating restlessness in the community, as any land with no clear ownership documents is considered as belonging to the yogyakarta or pakualaman sultanates (2368 kb)
Image JPG Syrians, Afghans clash in German refugee center
Jakarta Post 05-10-2015 hal 3. Some 200 Syrian and afghan refugees clashed in a crowded german refugee center in Hamburg overnight, leaving four people injured. the two groups attacked each other with iron bars and furniture and by hurling rocks. (1736 kb)
Image JPG Witnesses : KY Pair"s remarks "not personal"
Jakarta Post 07-10-2015 hal 4. One of the Witnesses, University of Indonesia political communication professor Effendi Gazali, said that remarks made in the media by the KY pair about Sarpin constituted criticism rather than defamation, he explaidned to investigators the difference between an insult and criticims, and from what he have learned about this case, the remarks were a from of criticism (1880 kb)
Image JPG RI "not Ready" to join TPP
Jakarta Post 29-10-2015 hal 9. Revrisond Bswir, economist at the University of Gadjah Mada, said that Indonesia would be "too hasty" in joining the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), because the agreement had more disadvantages than advantages for the archipelagic nation. (463 kb)
Image JPG Atma Jaya to form fact-finding team on student"s death
Jakarta Post 29-10-2015 hal 6. Atma Jaya Catholic University in jakarta has announced that it will form a fact-finding team to look into the death of 18 year old Daniel Vicli Pardamean Tambunan, a student who died during an extracurricular paramilitary training event at the university (242 kb)
Image JPG Establishing effective goverment
Jakarta Post 29-10-2015 hal 1. the cardinal challenge of every political leadership in emerging democracies is how to create an effective government. Political legitimacy attained from an electoral process is essential, but can only be sustained if the elected leader and government are able to exercise authority in the judgment of the public (581 kb)
Image JPG Low commodity prices still big issue for RI: IMF
Jakarta Post 08-10-2015 hal 13. IMF said Low commodity prices will continue to be a major problem for Indonesia and other emerging markets on account of the pressure put on their economies. IMF has also warned of other factor driving declining growth in emerging markets, which has been happening for the fifth year in a row including slowdown in china with its lower reliance on import-intensive investment (3112 kb)
Image JPG RI, Denmark aim to seal closer partnership
Jakarta Post 08-10-2015 hal 12. Indonesia and Denmark will cement a closer partnership with the signing of seven memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in various areas of cooperation from maritime affairs to culture during the historic visit of Queen Margrethe II to the country later this month (2067 kb)
Image JPG Rupiah, stocks extend gains
Jakarta Post 08-10-2015 hal 1. all the economists said that the rupiah was now expected to continue with a more stable outlook toward the year-end. however still betting on whether the Fed will raise its interest rate in December. if there is pressure, it is more likely to occur toward next year as the probability of a US interest hike in higher in March (3756 kb)
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