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Image JPG Jogja Sold Out, no longer special ?
Jakarta Post 02-11-2015 hal 6. as one of the most dynamic regions, yogyakarta continues to unfold itself for newcomers. official data from the provincial population agency says at least 1320 newcomers report themselves to the agency each month. the ratio of migrants to locals in the province is now estimated at 35:65 (347 kb)
Image JPG Cabinet to keep fights in private
Jakarta Post 24-11-2015 hal 1. President Joko Widodo has again urged his cabinet members to avoid making contradictory statements that will only encourage public polemic. the president also ordered ministers to facus on strategic issues that had huge impacts on the public instead of dealing with trivial ones. (377 kb)
Image JPG Boosting multi-language proficiency for educators
Jakarta Post 25-11-2015 hal 11. My Indonesian educators in higher education institution still have problems using the language, especially in a scientific and academic context. prof Johana E. Prawitasari PhD. of Gadjah Mada University, advised lecturers to join international network or forums specializing in their disciplines (549 kb)
Image JPG Natural disaster, Are We Prepared ?
Jakarta Post 01-11-2015 hal 7. the quakes have shaken up the Indonesian administration, literally and metaphorically. apart from the BNPB there"s also a consortium for Disaster Education that trains front line responders and publishes safety messages. UGM has a deal with NZ"s Geological and Nuclear Science angency, now known as GNS Science, to share technology, research and training (1013 kb)
Image JPG UGM urged to apologize for alleged role in purge
Jakarta Post 19-11-2015 hal 2. UGM rector Dwikorita karnawati admitted that there was the possibility of UGM academic society members being individually involved in the 1965 communist purge, but added that at an institutional level, the university was not involved (252 kb)
Image JPG Top graduates get fastrack to join civil service
Jakarta Post 05-11-2015 hal 7. Top graduates from the best state universities will no longer have the hassle of competing with other candidates to become civil sevants as the government will exempt them from taking the notoriously strenuous civil servant enrollment test (CPNS) next year (325 kb)
Image JPG Government prepares plan for sustainable peat areas
Jakarta Post 05-11-2015 hal 4. Joko widodo consulted with a number of UGM lecturers. the UGM team said comprehensive topographic mapping of peatlad was also essential and should be the first step in seeking better peatland management. dried peat was not onlu prone to fires but also warned that it coused subsidence, saying that indonesia might lose around 10 percent from the totalarea peatland in the country (359 kb)
Image JPG Ex-mayor Risma wins Bung Hatta Award
Jakarta Post 06-11-2015 hal 1. Former Surabaya mayor Tri Risma Maharini has won the prestigios 2015 Bung Hatta Anti-Corruption Award for her integrity and innovations in combating corruption through the implementation of e-government. the panel of judges said that Risma had a long history of using technology to deliver good governance and public sevices to the people (285 kb)
Image JPG Danish royal couple visits National Museum
Jakarta Post 26-10-2015 hal 3. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her husband Prince Consort Henrik visited the National Museum on friday, one day afterthe queen had a lengthy discussion about batik with president Joko dodo at the state palace. (429 kb)
Image JPG Bright future seen for Indonesian-Danish relations
Jakarta Post 12-10-2015 hal 12. the royals are expected to visit three cities, jakarta, surabaya and yogjakarta and dedicate their time to strengthening indonesia-danish in the area of culture and trade. they will head a danish business delegation of around 60 companies, mainly representing the following four sector : maritime, urban and clean tech solutions, agribusiness, and design and lifestyle (576 kb)
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