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Image JPG Japanese technology help prevent fires, flooding in RI
Jakarta Post 07-05-2016 hal 3. National Research Council (DRN) chairman bambang setiadi said that the technology, called sensory data transmission service assisted by midori engineering (SESAMA), would change the way indonesia managed its water resources, including in peatland (616 kb)
Image JPG Foreign tourists return as terrorist attack fright subsides
Jakarta Post 04-05-2016 hal 4. M. Baiquni, tourism expert at UGM said foreign arrivals to the capital would grow further in the coming months as long as the political situation in the city remained calm (265 kb)
Image JPG History should help bolster RI-Dutch ties
Jakarta Post 22-04-2016 hal 3. Gadjah Mada University International relations expert Siti Mutiah Setiawati said that indonesia had been taking the good relations with the Netherlands for granted and had been very passive as it treats the country as a mere part of bigger multilateral platform such as the EU and G20. (321 kb)
Image JPG Jokowi told to take full advantage on Euro tour
Jakarta Post 19-04-2016 hal 1. Dafri, a lecturer at UGM said the international legal system doesnt allow values to be forced onto other nations - but [EU countries] will likely see it as their responsibility to remind indonesia of its commitment to international human rights conventions (777 kb)
Image JPG Tahir Foundation sets up study, research funds
Jakarta Post 06-04-2016 hal 4. the tahir faundation has allocated S$1 million (US$774,000) to help lecturers and students of yogyakarta-based UGM enhance their study and research. UGM has awarded tahir with an honorary doctorate degree of medicine, public health and humanity for his commitment to improve public health and humanity through philanthropy (332 kb)
Image JPG Amnesty "done deal" with strings attached
Jakarta Post 29-03-2016 hal 1. Gadjah Mada University economist tony prasetiantono said that while tax amnesty was unfair to compliant taxpayers, the practice was commonly done in other coutries (440 kb)
Image JPG Defamation "Should be scrapped" from ITE law
Jakarta Post 19-03-2016 hal 5. concerning the electronic information and transaction (ITE) law, LIPI researcher syamsudin haris said the revision of the ITE law should be more concerned with protecting the publics right to express their thoughts (241 kb)
Image JPG Call for loan rate cuts may squeeze RI lenders profits
Jakarta Post 10-03-2016 hal 20. Gadjah Mada University economist Tony Prasetiantono said effort to reduce lending rate would not happen "over night" as banks should calculate many factor such as risks and cost of credit collection, which would get more difficult in the micro as well as the small and medium enterprise (SME) segments as customers often had a lower bankability level and a higher risk to accepting bad loans (318 kb)
Image JPG Palestine welcomes honorary consulate
Jakarta Post 05-03-2016 hal 3. Siti Mutiah Setiawati, a Middle East expert from UGM said that indonesia should maintain its role as a facilitator to address issues on the west bank and gaza strip and to some extent to directly participate in the conflict (705 kb)
Image JPG Falling inflation paves way for rate cut
Jakarta Post 29-02-2016 hal 1. Gadjah Mada University economist A. Tony Prasetiantono also anticipated another 25 bps cut in BI key rate in march, provided that inflation, capital flows and the rupiah maintained their positive trends for the next week (581 kb)
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