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Image JPG Sexually Harassed and abused on campus
Jakarta Post 04-06-2016 hal 11. Reports of sexual harassment and abuse on campus, usually against students and either by lecturers or peers, are believed to be vastly underreported. each reported case is only the tip of an iceberg, manya more victim are silent (1611 kb)
Image JPG Campuses Struggle to change for abuse victims sake
Jakarta Post 04-06-2016 hal 1. campus needed stronger legal mechanisms to protect their students and colleagues for predator. campuses must have the facilities to deal with abuse cases, the lecturers must hava a gender perspective, and the campus bureaucrats need to be sensitive to victims (211 kb)
Image JPG Sexual abuse on campus
Jakarta Post 07-06-2016 hal 4. the research and technology and higher education ministry should step in and order university bureaucrats to create a system to encourage awareness to prevent abuses form happening in the first place. and if it happens, to ensure the victims get the protection they deserve from a system which presumes educators have impeccable integrity (284 kb)
Image JPG Gadjah Mada Accounting Days 2016 discusses infrastructure development
Jakarta Post 30-05-2016 hal 19. Infrastructure development is one of many prerequisites for boosting economic growth in indonesia. in response to this ikatan mahasiswa akuntansi gadjah mada (IMAGAMA) presented the issue in more depth at a national seminar entitled gadjah mada accounting days (GMAD) 2016 on may 7 at hotel inna garuda (177 kb)
Image JPG Scholars, govt differ on Marxism
Jakarta Post 24-05-2016 hal 2. Mukhtasar Syamsuddin, head of Gadjah Mada University school of philosophy said the government should ensure protection for any kind of event on campus, including events at respectable education centers in west java (619 kb)
Image JPG Maritime dispute to be solved soon
Jakarta Post 23-05-2016 hal 2. Indonesia is optimistic that an outstanding maritime tussle with china will be resolved soon amid a prevailing impasse over most maritime disputes in the south china sea (SCS) (328 kb)
Image JPG Bad loans haunt Indonesian banks
Jakarta Post 19-05-2016 hal 13. Gadjah Mada University economist Tony Prasetiono, saying that the banking industry could pin its hopes on the country"s gradual economic improvement if the government could maintain stable macroeconomic indicators, especially exchange rates (709 kb)
Image JPG When two former presidents join Tahir in Singapore
Jakarta Post 17-05-2016 hal 24. two leaders witnessed the signing of a partnership agreement in medical education and research between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yogyakarta based UGM. tahir foundation contributed a S$ 1 million grant to fund joint academic cooperation (594 kb)
Image JPG Committee prepares simulation to prepare for worst
Jakarta Post 14-05-2016 hal 13. according to the new law, only the president has the authority to declare that the country is in financial crisis with recommendations from the KSSK. the law also disables the use of state funds to bail-out banks and instead puts the highest emphasis on a bail-in scheme (583 kb)
Image JPG Govt allows customary law to replace court proceedings
Jakarta Post 12-05-2016 hal 3. Customary law expert sulastriyono from UGM says if local communities can resolve a crime by themselves (state judiciary) court is not needed. (244 kb)
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