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Image JPG Megawati powerless against ex-pal Rini
Jakarta Post 29-07-2016 hal 9. Arie Sudjito, political analyst at gadjah mada university said jokowi has kicked out from his cabinet ministers who could become threats to his government, but he has kept rini. this also tell us that rini is under jokowi"s control in order to keep political stability in his administration (389 kb)
Image JPG Who"s The Boss Now ?
Jakarta Post 29-07-2016 hal 1. Political observer arie sujito of Gadjah Mada University said that the latest cabinet reshuffle would test jokowi"s leadership skill even more. the heavier challange is that the second reshuffle should deliver better results and introduce more policy breakthroughs (1650 kb)
Image JPG Student solve everyday problems through IdeAction
Jakarta Post 27-07-2016 hal 21. Three students of Yogyakarta"s Gadjah Mada University (UGM) are on track to becoming internet startup entrepreneurs after winning first place in the samsung ideaction competition for their crative ideas in using technological innovation. they created mobile app taskanizer to connect members of a organizing committee in real time to ensure better coordination, specifically on the day of an event (764 kb)
Image JPG Forest fire fighters
Jakarta Post 19-07-2016 hal 14. APHI and UGM had been signed Mou (memorandum of understanding). the MoU is aimed at accelerating the efforts to restore peatland in concession areas to precent peatland fires (205 kb)
Image JPG RI calls for self-restraint and respect for int"l law
Jakarta Post 14-07-2016 hal 1. Dafri agussalim, the Gadjah Mada University lectured said ASEAN"s unity and diplomatic pressures will be the key to achieve peaceful settlements for the SCS problem and Indonesia will be in a strategic position to lead the efforts (761 kb)
Image JPG Little impact on ASEAN from possible Brexit
Jakarta Post 24-06-2016 hal 3. Gadjah Mada University international relation expert Muhadi Sugiono said if britons opt to leave the EU (Brexit), there will be significant changes within the supranational EU body, but the changes will not be immense enough to cast shadows over other regional entities like ASEAN (304 kb)
Image JPG RI"s outermost islands sinking under palm oil expansion
Jakarta Post 23-06-2016 hal 3. Gadjah Mada University swampland specialist azwar maas said the government should prioritize its restoration efforts in outer islands with peatlands as they were in danger of disappearing due to abrasions and subsidence (228 kb)
Image JPG Universities build reputation through research, publication
Jakarta Post 21-06-2016 hal 3. increasing research activities and writing in international journals has become a commitment among state and private universities so as to strengthen the image of their respective campuses among the global academic community. a survey conducted by education rating institution QS : UI was ranked 67th, ITB was ranked 86th, UGM was ranked 105th (328 kb)
Image JPG UGM, Practice What You Teach
Jakarta Post 18-06-2016 hal 1. Margaretta Sagala, Alumnus of school of social and political studies UGM said she is always proud of UGM. the university has taught her to side with the weak and oppressed, to value the difference of perspectives and to uphold human rights. in respect for the values UGM has taught her, she call on the university leaders to practice what they teach (196 kb)
Image JPG Publick Lack faith in court system turn to social media to protest
Jakarta Post 15-06-2016 hal 2. sunyoto usman, a sociologist from UGM said the organizers of the crowdfunding campaign did not set a specific target, but instead were only trying to bring members of the public together to voice their protest regarding the measures taken by law enforcement officers (277 kb)
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