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Image JPG Outer Sulawesi island refuses to be left out
Jakarta Post 26-10-2016 hal 5. the ministry collaboration with UGM released a book profiling investment potentials in border areas. it lists potential sectors in border areas, predominantly agricultural and mineral commodities, the available basic investment infrastructure and the investment opportunities in the border areas located in 41 districts and municipalities across the country (849 kb)
Image JPG Doctors protest new specialist program
Jakarta Post 26-10-2016 hal 5. adji suwandono, head of IDI surakarta branch said to become a general practitioner, a medical school student should get up to 10 years education. if implemented, more citizens will be deprived of health care as it will be harder for doctors to graduate (550 kb)
Image JPG UGM shifts to entrepreneurship
Jakarta Post 27-09-2016 hal 5. UGM rector dwikorita karnawati said as an institution of higher education, UGM will take a role in improving the competitiveness of human resources by reorientating the university from academic research toward socio-entrepreneurial activity (204 kb)
Image JPG UGM warning system becomes world reference
Jakarta Post 16-09-2016 hal 19. A landslide Early warning system produced by UGM was intensively tested by 44 countries participating in the ISO and has been approved as a world reference. the success of UGM in the ISO is expected to encourage the down-streaming of research in indonesia (249 kb)
Image JPG Papuans to wait another day for development
Jakarta Post 09-09-2016 hal 1. Gadjah Mada University economist A. Tony Prasetiantono said the budget cuts would make it even more difficult to increase efficiency in papua and to reduce commodity prices as transportation costs would remain high (305 kb)
Image JPG Lower government spending to crimp overall growth
Jakarta Post 06-09-2016 hal 13. Gadjah Mada University economist A. Tony Prasetiantono said next years "more realistic" state budged had sent a positive signal to the market. "investors see tat indonesia is still committed to boosting infrastructure construction because the government will only cut non-priority spending (287 kb)
Image JPG Students encouranged to start online portals
Jakarta Post 05-09-2016 hal 5. UGM student Upi Isabella Rea said there were many opportunities for students to start businesses of their own. example run online ticket-sales businesses (112 kb)
Image JPG Philanthropy backs RI"S meager research
Jakarta Post 31-08-2016 hal 5. in indonesia, some research projects have been implemented involving philanthropic organization, including the EDP-yogya, which is a collaborative project between school of medicine at Gadjah Mada University and entirely funded by a jakarta-based tahija foundation (272 kb)
Image JPG Indonesia to host RI-Oz dialogue
Jakarta Post 30-08-2016 hal 11. Indonesia will host a dialogue between indonesians and australian later this month in an attempt to enhance people to people relation and improve mutual understanding about one another. the rector of UGM and the presiden director of state news agency antara will be among the participants from indonesia (148 kb)
Image JPG Red scare to stay as govt keeps ban on communism
Jakarta Post 25-08-2016 hal 6. Philosophy UGM, Mukhtasar syamsuddin said "we are gratedful for that protection, but i believe learning communism should not be limited to certain people. the whole public should have unlimited access to pursue any knowledge" (236 kb)
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