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Image JPG Ganjar greeted at UGM with protest
Jakarta Post 20-04-2017 hal 4 (331 kb)
Image JPG President Jokowi not trying to promote secularism, aides say
Jakarta Post 31-03-2017 hal 2 (696 kb)
Image JPG Summit debunks myths, misconceptions
Jakarta Post 25-03-2017 hal 5 (1277 kb)
Image JPG Ahok to be forced back into campaign leave
Jakarta Post 05-03-2017 hal 1 (753 kb)
Image JPG Govt supporting Siti until proven guilty
Jakarta Post 03-03-2017 hal 2 (808 kb)
Image JPG Role of private sector expected to recover this year
Jakarta Post 20-01-2017 hal 13 (690 kb)
Image JPG UGM Promises smart village development
Jakarta Post 17-01-2017 hal 23 (492 kb)
Image JPG The Plight of People Living with Disabilities
Jakarta Post 17-01-2017 hal 14 (619 kb)
Image JPG UGM hosts 10th global RCE conference
Jakarta Post 02-12-2016 hal 20. UGM vice rector for research and community service, Suratman said the conference brought together many countries to ensure the 17 programs embodied by the SDGs succeeded, adding that it was important the SDGs took into account both regional and local contexts in reaching its targets (178 kb)
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