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Image JPG Personalizing parties makes for fragile coalition
Jakarta Post 21-09-2019 hal (834 kb)
Image JPG Tapanuli orangutan wounded out of habitat near Batang Toru
Jakarta Post 23-09-2019 hal (1420 kb)
Image JPG Man mocks Amien Rais with long walk and leather puppet
Jakarta Post 24-08-2019 hal (331 kb)
Image JPG How postcolonial is postcolonial Indonesia?
Jakarta Post 20-08-2019 hal (690 kb)
Image JPG Can ASEAN become worldclass destination for study?
Jakarta Post 20-08-2019 hal (585 kb)
Image JPG Farm uses herbal feed to produce antibiotic-free eggs
Jakarta Post 24-07-2019 hal (391 kb)
Image JPG El Nino: Drought spreads to seven provices
Jakarta Post 25-07-2019 hal (383 kb)
Image JPG Declining popularity
Jakarta Post 20-07-2019 hal (171 kb)
Image JPG Schools roasted for oblinging students to wear hijab
Jakarta Post 05-07-2019 hal (464 kb)
Image JPG RCEP and Indo-Pacific initiatives play second fiddle
Jakarta Post 01-07-2019 hal (767 kb)
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